Early Payroll. Your Money Faster
Early Payroll. Your Money Faster

Early Payroll

Your money, faster. No credit checks, no interest, no hidden fees.

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Pay your expenses on time, every time.

Need money before your next paycheque? Get paid early with us.



Immediate access to $100 and our financial coach for 15 days.



Access to $100 up to 3 days before your paycheque.

See when you could get paid next with Early Payroll Free.

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There’s no catch. This feature was created to simply help out our users. No tricks, it’s just $100 a bit before your next paycheque to ease any money-related stress. You can get it for free with access up to 3 days early or any time for $5 with Early Payroll Instant. And of course, we don’t charge interest, unlike payday loan places.

We’re glad you asked. When you have a direct deposit set up with us, you’ll get access to Early Payroll. Early Payroll Free gives you access to $100 of your payroll up to 3 days before your next paycheque. When your next paycheque arrives, the $100 will be paid back automatically. You won’t need to worry about forgetting and being charged fees — we don’t charge them and it’s automatic!

When you have a direct deposit set up, you can get $100 any time for $5. Register, and get access to the $100 any time over the next 15 days. The $5 will be collected when you register and the $100 will be paid back automatically when your next paycheque arrives.

The $100 will be debited automatically the day your paycheque goes into your account. Just the $100. No fees, no interest.

Set up direct deposit. That’s it! You can put a portion or all of your paycheque through direct deposit.

We don’t make money off of Early Payroll Free. This feature was created to help Canadians meet their everyday necessities and alleviate some of the stress behind cash shortages. No bamboozling here — we just want to help you out.




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