Koho’s Fair Use Policy

Koho’s Fair Use Policy (FUP) – (“Fair Use Policy”) sets out the Terms of Service provided by Koho (“Koho Financial Inc.”) and its members. The FUP was designed so that we can keep our communication simple, protect our users from unnecessary costs, and prevent fraud and abuse. Terms that are not defined below can be found in our Terms of Use.

Usage of Koho

Koho’s products and services are for individual use only in accordance with Koho’s Visa* Prepaid Card Cardholder Agreement (“Legitimate Use”).

Termination and Suspension of Koho

In the event that the usage of Koho’s product and/or services by a member is deemed to be unlawful and/or unreasonable, Koho may request the member to change its usage as per this FUP.
As stated in Koho’s Visa* Prepaid Card Cardholder Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or limit usage on your account or specific portions of your account if we believe you are acting outside of the intended usage of Koho. In the event your account is suspended or limited, we will reach out to you and offer remedial solutions and give you the opportunity to explain your usage.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@koho.ca

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