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Bills don't wait two weeks. Access your pay after your work day, for free.

Instant Pay by KOHO
A payroll benefit

A payroll benefit with noticeable benefits

Cash out up to 50% of your daily earned pay whenever you need to:

  • Pay your expenses on time

  • Find yourself some wiggle room in case of unexpected expenses or emergencies

  • Make that payment on your credit ahead so you don’t rack up your interest


Payday loan


Cash advance


Instant Pay

Farewell to fees

Forget about predatory payday loans and their steep fees. Because you’re getting access to the pay you’ve already earned there is:

No interest | No credit checks | No hidden fees

How Instant Pay by KOHO Works

How it works


You'll receive an invite from KOHO in your inbox


Sign up and start accessing up to 50% of your daily earned pay


KOHO will automatically recollect any pay you withdraw early on your next payday - it all evens out!

Don’t just take our word for it

Join over 10,000 Canadians who are getting paid early.

“I found out about Instant Pay through an email from my employer and thought it was a great idea. I forgot to pay for my internet services and they cut the wifi. I didn't have enough in my account to cover for it so I used Instant Pay.” - Viau Francis

“When my manager told me about Instant Pay I was very happy. Instant helps me all the time when I'm in a pinch and need gas money or have an extra expense.” - K.Landon

“I had an unexpected expense right before payday and it was great to be able to access some funds early.” - Rikki

“I got an email from my employer about instant pay and was intrigued. No more pay day loans is a story itself!” - Jae

Instant Pay Users Example


Instant Pay is 100% free. You can use Instant Pay and withdraw pay into your KOHO account as many times as you need, all for free. There is a $3.50 transfer fee if you decide to move your pay from your KOHO account to a different bank account.
KOHO is a no-fee spending and savings account. We offer a mobile app, an everyday spending account, and a reloadable prepaid Mastercard that helps you budget, save, and spend like a pro. In addition to these products, KOHO has launched Instant Pay that enables employers to offer instant pay to their employees.
We make money off the interchange fees that merchants are already paying when you use a card in their shop (or for their service).
Right now, access to our Instant Pay is only available via KOHO's web portal (not yet in-app).
Yes, only if you cashed out your earned pay.
Lifemark will still deposit your full regular paycheque. This is why we will recollect any earned pay you withdrew earlier once your regular paycheque hits your bank account.
Once you sign up, Lifemark will send KOHO info about when you worked and how much you’ve earned. KOHO uses this information to offer you access to a % of these earned wages.
Although KOHO receives info about when you've worked and how much you've earned, we don't know how much will be deducted from your gross pay.
To account for this, KOHO offers you access to 30% of your earned wages to account for these deductions. Deductions may include taxes, CPP, etc.
If you repay via pre-authorized debit (PAD), KOHO will make 30% of your earned wages available to you.
Don't forget, you can access up to 50% of your pay if you choose to switch your direct deposit entirely over to KOHO 💰
No. The pay you receive from your employer won't be impacted at all; you'll just receive it earlier! There's also no interest and no impact to your credit score.
However, you can optionally switch your direct deposit to KOHO. By doing so, future paycheques will be deposited into your KOHO account. (This would entitle you to 50% of your earned wages vs. 30% offered for pre-authorized debit).
If you choose not to withdraw from the available pay, the amount will remain in your available credit, until your next pay date. At which point, your credit will reset.
You can use Instant Pay as often as you like, so long as there is available credit in your KOHO account.
There's no need to cancel. Once you've repaid any outstanding amounts, Instant Pay is only active after you decide to withdraw your earned wages that KOHO makes available to you.
When you create your KOHO account, a Virtual Card is created for you immediately, and a physical card will be delivered by mail within 10 days.
The fastest will be to use the messenger option by selecting the small Support icon in the bottom right of the website and contact us by sending a message there.
You can also send an email to instantpay@koho.ca and we'll reach back out to help!