The Big Canadian Banking Problem

Canada’s ‘Big Five’ banks made over $29,000,000,000 in profit from 35 million hardworking Candians.

Solely from consumer banking, the average Canadian pays $185 per year in banking fees.

Did you get $185 of value from your bank last year?

If you’d like a better option,

It’s time to try Koho.

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We built Koho to provide Canadians with the conveniences of a traditional bank, along with new services to help you spend smarter, save more, transfer money, and pay your bills.

All this on a super-fast mobile app and, of course, free of  fees!

We believe what you believe:

Canadians deserve better.


What You Get

With Koho



1. A Koho Account

All it takes is a few minutes to signup and an initial transfer of $20.00 (via e-Transfer or a linked bank account) to get your new account activated.

Thereafter, you can also choose to fund your Koho account with direct deposit from your employer.

You never have to pay fees to use your money in Koho.

2. A Koho Prepaid Visa Card

A new Koho prepaid Visa card will be mailed to you when you open your account.

With your new card, you can make purchases and ATM withdrawls directly from your Koho account.

Think of it as your new spending account. It’s time to put away those high interest credit cards!



3. The Koho App

The Koho app is your new mobile hub for all your personal finances.

Pay your bills, send money to friends, track your spending, build savings goals, and get instant purchase notifications…directly from the app.

And as always, it’s all free of charge. (see a pattern here?! 🙂 )

So if you’d like to stop paying unnecessary fees, setup your Koho Account today.

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