Extra spending account

The no-brainer cash back account

It's time to step up your cash back game with Extra. Start getting 2% cash back for buying the daily essentials, like almond milk, your Thai takeout, and your phone bill!
$9 monthly / $84 annual
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KOHO Extra Account

Earn 2% instant cash back on the 3 categories your wallet cares about

Get 0.5% cash back on everything else.

Enjoy 2% Cashback
KOHO Extra Account
Best spending account


Whether it's your local fruit vendor or the big supermarkets, you'll be earning 2% cash back on all of your grocery spend. Eat up!
KOHO Extra Account
KOHO Premium Prepaid Visa Card

Eating & drinking

Get 2% cash back on all your restaurant receipts. And yes, takeout and delivery count too. Bon appétit!
KOHO Premium Prepaid Mastercard

Bills & services

Get 2% cash back on bills & services, from your Spotify subscription to your phone bill.
KOHO Extra Account


A new look

Get a snappy new vertical Premium card! Accepted everywhere Mastercard® is.

Earn 2% interest

Earn interest on your entire balance, even your Spendable balance.

No FX fees

You know that 2-3% you’re usually charged when you spend outside of Canada? We’ve waived it!
KOHO Premium Mastercard

Build your credit history for 30% less

Subscribe to Credit Building for $7, instead of $10 and get access to a financial coach as well.

One free international ATM withdrawal per month

Get one free withdrawal at ATMs outside Canada each month. (International ATM fees are usually at least $2-3 a pop.)

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$9 monthly / $84 annual
Start 30 day free trial


KOHO Extra gives you 2% cash back every time you spend money on groceries, food and drink, or bills & services (in addition to 0.5% on everything else!). You also earn 2% interest on your entire balance and get access to Credit Building at $7/month instead of $10/month.
Good spot, it sure was. We’re launching new subscription plans soon so we’ve made some changes to some of the original KOHO accounts, including this name change. If you originally signed up for Premium, don’t worry, it’s still the same account, just with a shiny new name (and some improved features too!). All Extra users will still receive a Premium KOHO card. The Premium card has its own cool design — a lush blue with a touch of diamond, so you’ll feel a little luxe every time you tap it.




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