We never want to profit from fees or confusion.

Part of our core philosophy at Koho is to charge you as few fees as possible. Certain services require third parties and that means it costs us money to access them. In the rare instance that we do charge fees, we want to make sure you’re up to speed and understand how to avoid them. If you ever feel as if you were charged a fee unfairly, let us know and we’ll do our best to reverse it.

Finally, we’re working hard to end fees forever.

This is just the first step.

Here is the complete list of fees associated with your Koho Card

New Card $0/Free
Account Activation Fee $0/Free
Monthly Account Fee $0/Free
Purchases $0/Free
Interac e-Transfer $0/Free
Automatic Paycheque Load $0/Free
Live customer service $0/Free
ATM Withdrawal - Domestic, in network ATM $0/Free
ATM Withdrawal - Domestic, out of network ATM $2.00
International ATM Withdrawal $3.00
Foreign Exchange Transaction Fee1 1.5%
Card Replacement Fee $0/Free
Card Cancellation Fee $0/Free

1 — Virtually all cards charge this fee, most upwards of 2-3%. Most consumers aren't actually aware of this because it's lumped in with the foreign exchange conversion. We keep ours one of the lowest rates in the industry and break it out into a separate fee so you know exactly what it is.

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