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Need some extra cash? Borrow from us.

The best part–there’s no impact to your credit score.

Pay Later

Split eligible past purchases into monthly instalments with a payment plan up to $1000.

Summer 2024: Pay Later - Spread big purchase costs over time.


One app to manage your money and do all the other, grown-up life stuff.

Rent Reporting

You’re already paying rent, so why not pay it through us and build your credit history at the same time!

Summer 2024: Rent Reporting

Tenant Insurance

While you’re renting, the unexpected can happen. Protect yourself and your things to rest a little easier.

Fall 2024: Tenant Insurance - Sit back and relax now that you're covered!


Grow your money with KOHO.


Some say they’re old-fashioned, but money is money! Get it into your account. Easy.

Fall 2024

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