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KOHO’s making the move to Mastercard

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Aoife Stapleton

Rounding it up

  • KOHO has made the switch to Mastercard®.

  • You can expect all the same great features KOHO is known and loved for, with some added benefits.

  • The KOHO Mastercard can be used everywhere that Mastercard is accepted, so pretty much anywhere you could want to spend your money.

  • All KOHO customers can expect to have a KOHO Mastercard by the end of the year.

There are two things we’re big on at KOHO: listening to our customers and offering seriously good financial solutions. That’s why we’re switching to Mastercard to give Canadians a better way to spend, save, and manage their money. With the new card, payments will be fast, flexible and more convenient than ever. So all that’s left for you to think about is what you’ll spend your money on!

Hang on, will this change any of KOHO’s services?

The switch will only change one thing, and it’s a good one – our service will be upgraded! You can expect the same easy spending and all the usual features of the app to stay the same. Your new KOHO Mastercard can be used as normal anywhere Mastercard is accepted. So whether you’re travelling South East Asia or just taking a trip to the local corner store, you’ll have more spending options than ever, and that now includes Costco (yay!). You’ll also be able to enjoy Mastercard Contactless, Mastercard’s Zero Liability Protection and access Mastercard Priceless® Experiences through Priceless.com. Not bad, eh?

“Our goal for KOHO is simple: we want to make the lives of Canadians easier by giving them better ways to spend and manage their money” says Daniel Eberhard, CEO and founder of KOHO Financial Inc. “Our partnership with Mastercard will help us hugely along that journey, by providing a new and improved solution to spending that will still offer all the same benefits our customers have grown to know and love.”

I’m ready for it! How can I switch my card?

The switch to Mastercard is being rolled out as we speak, so if you’re already a KOHO customer (kudos to you!) keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll let you know when it’s time to get your new one. And the fun part is, you can choose a new card colour too, so if you’ve gotten a little more adventurous since your last card, now’s the time to switch it up and let that personality shine through every time you tap!

Don’t forget to make sure your address is up to date in the app, and once it arrives, follow the steps to activate your new card. Oh, and don’t forget to destroy your old card and update any recurring subscriptions attached to it. Gotta keep that Netflix account in check, right? And if you’re a new KOHO user, you’ll automatically be issued a KOHO Mastercard, so just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

All of our customers will have made the switch before the year is out so get excited for a better service from the KOHO you already know and love. And trust us, we won’t be stopping here.

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