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Ayaz Virani

Rounding it up

  • If you’re looking for a podcast to level up your finance game, try Real Money Talk. A variety of Canadians, from coaches to refugees share money stories without the jargon.

  • Mostly Money and Death, Sex, and Money are two eye-opening options that explore people’s complicated relationships with money.

  • Life Kit: Money by NPR helps users solve the tougher and more anxiety-inducing financial questions in a digestible 25 minutes.

  • Want a good laugh? The Financial Confessions and Planet Money by NPR prove that financial education is anything but boring.

Although this long weekend won’t be spent in the physical presence of our nearest and dearest, we’re fortunate enough to live in an era of constant wifi and generous data plans. So layout your finest china, break out the chocolate, and charge up your phone for its big day—because 2020 Easter and Passover (isolation-edition) is upon us. And we are totally here for it.

Honestly, Easter dinner and Passover seder via FaceTime aren’t going to be the same. We acknowledge that. But there’s a lot of things that likely won’t change when the fam gets together this weekend. You’ll probably eat a lot of chocolate (apologies dairy-free friends), catch up with your cousins, and still receive the typical life lessons your family loves to bestow on you. Especially the money-related ones.

Our team knows these conversations all too well, so we figured it was our duty to share some of the podcasts we listen to that break down complex financial concepts and keep us informed on what we need to know now. So when your mom tells you about an income tax write-off you never considered, or your successful cousin starts talking about the current investment landscape, you’ll have the necessary tools to hold your own and maybe clap back at dinner too.

Not a podcaster? No worries. Some of us weren’t either until a few weeks ago. There’s no time like the present to find the podcast that’s right for you—because there truly is one for everyone. If you don’t know where to start to look for a podcast on finances, we’ve curated a list of some of our favourites below. Give them a listen, and hey, take it easy this weekend.

Brittany, Partnerships Lead & master optimist recommends Real Money Talk

“The hosts are millennials themselves and understand that times are hard when it comes to wages and expenses. Their episodes are very relatable and they interview a variety of Canadians from professional money coaches to refugees, who share their experiences and advice. No confusing finance jargon, no fluff, just the goods. They do a great segment called ‘Money Mess Ups and Make Ups’ where they share their own recent money mistakes and money wins. The segment reassures you that you’re not alone in the labyrinth of personal finance.”

Parween, Financial Coach extraordinaire recommends Mostly Money

“It’s a Canadian podcast which makes it relatable and relevant to Canadian audiences. I like Mostly Money because Preet [host] dives into other items not related to the traditional topics of debt, real estate, and financial planning- but also exploring the psychology around people’s relationship with money and gender gaps.”

Ariel, Data Analyst & KOHO soccer captain recommends Death, Sex, and Money

“This podcast aims to tackle the things we should talk more about, but don’t. Its focus on storytelling really helps to lift the stigma around ‘taboo’ subjects like debt or what happens when you lose a loved one. A recent episode on student loans really opened my eyes to the complicated relationships people have with their debt and how they face it.”

Tay, Strategic Partnerships Lead & real life Captain Marvel recommends Life Kit: Money by NPR

“NPR Life Kit is a family of podcasts that provide listeners with practical information and unbiased  guidance to help them navigate life’s big and small decisions. They’ve included an entire series on ‘Money,’ which provides you with tools as simple as ‘Boost Your Credit Card ID’ or 'Never Pay an Unnecessary Fee Again,’ to helping users solve the tougher and more anxiety-inducing questions such as ‘7 Strategies for Digging Out of Debt’ and ‘How to Save for Your Kid’s College Education.’ Episodes are short and digestible (25 mins or less!), with experts that want to empower you with knowledge (not overwhelm you or belittle you). This podcast aims to make you feel equipped to manage your finances!”

Hailey, User Success Agent & resident comedian recommends The Financial Confessions

“When I want entertaining & accessible finance information I spend time listening to The Financial Confessions, a podcast run by the NYC-based blog The Financial Diet. Chelsea & her team interview finance professionals, celebrities, and some other fun knowledge keepers. With an added dash of personal anecdotes I find myself laughing & learning which is a great way to spend 45 minutes.” 

Igor, Frontend Developer & ramen aficionado recommends Planet Money by NPR

This is an awesome podcast for answering random but (sometimes) important money-related questions like 'why are my paycheques paid out bi-weekly?’ There's no finance-related question too big or small for the hosts to tackle, and they always break down complicated subjects into easily digestible content. An episode on the history of light and how it shaped our modern economy blew my mind.”

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