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Gift Guide: The Tech Lover

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Gift Guide: The Tech Lover

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Rounding it up

  • It's expensive out there, with inflation and other cost of living increases taking a bite out of your budget.

  • We’ve got you covered with 10, budget-friendly gift ideas for the tech lover in your life.

The elves have been putting together new gadgets and gismos all year long in preparation for tech-lovers all over the world. If you’re looking for the best, budget friendly items to get the tech-obsessed friend in your life, we’ve got you covered.

1. Fine tube power bank

The holidays are a tree-mendusly busy time of year filled with sleigh rides to relatives and delicious dinners with family and friends. Stay charged up for all your holiday events with the Fine Tube Power Bank from Indigo for $39.99 so you can keep the memories and good time’s (and additional 1% cash back) rollin’

2. Amazon echo dot

Whether you’re throwing a holiday party, adding items to your friendsmas dinner grocery list or trying to find the fastest route to your office holiday party, do it with the voice activated Amazon Echo Dot for $54.99.

3. Google chromecast

It’s not new news that we’re the cord-cutting generation. While it's nice to cozy up on the couch with your laptop to watch your favourite holiday movies, it doesn’t have to be that way. Pick up a google chrome cast for the tech obsessed friend in your life for $39.99 at Staples.

4. Bluetooth headphones

It’s impossible to go anywhere during the holidays and not hear those classic holiday jingles. Whether you’re buying this next gift to rock it out or block it out, they’ll fall-la-la in love with these comfy over-the-ear bluetooth headphones from Amazon for $48.

5. Air tags

What our nieces and nephews wouldn’t give to pop these next one’s into Santa’s sled… that’s right, we’re talking about Air Tags. Pick one up for 39.99 at Best Buy  so that forgetful friend and keep track of all their favourite items that somehow never stay in the last place they put ‘em– we know, “it was the Elf on the shelf”

6. Electronics tool kit

The cold, snowy truth about electronics? They break, and their stockings get stuffed with dust. Enter this epic Electronics Tool Kit from Amazon for $24.99 for the person who’s committed to macgyvering their most beloved tech.

7. Dual slot adjustable laptop stand

If you have a loved one who’s got a lot of tech, they might be short on desk space. Check out the Dual Slot Adjustable Laptop Stand on Amazon for $29.99 that supports a wide range of laptops so their workstation can be as organized as the one’s in the north pole.

8. UV light sanitizer case

Our phones go everywhere with us, and while we love being connected to our friends and family 24/7, we don’t love how much bacteria it picks up over the course of a day. Pick up the KeySmart CleanTray UV Light Sanitizer Case from Best Buy for $39.99 to give your pal with the gift of tech-hygiene.

9. Bluetooth sleep mask

If you have a loved one whose love for tech doesn’t stop when they fall asleep, boy are they in for a treat with this one! The Bluetooth Sleep Mask from Amazon for $29.99 gives you a comfortable fit and 8 hours of playtime so you can sleep soundly to the sound of sleigh bells all night long.

10. Smart reusable notebook

Tech has come a long way over the years, but sometimes, you need to kick it old school (kind of).  If you have a friend who still loves to put pen to paper, but then loses that paper, pick them up a Smart Reusable Notebook from Amazon for $28.99 so they can write out their resolutions and upload them to their phone so they’re always on hand.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season <3

The KOHO team

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