Why are companies seen as people under law, but not taxed like them?

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Why are companies seen as people under law, but not taxed like them?

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  • The net corporate tax rate is just 15%, leading many to ask why such profitable corporations are not taxed like individuals, even though they enjoy “personhood.”

  • Corporate personhood is an old idea and has to do with ensuring the rights of a gathered group of investors (in this case, in a corporation) are protected.

  • Lower corporate tax rates help keep Canadians in jobs, support the real estate markets of many towns, and keep international business flowing.

  • Consumer advocates argue that corporations are not investing in employees but instead, are pocketing the profits for shareholders and executive salaries.

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Dan Bucherer
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Dan Bucherer

Dan is a runner and writer living in the Washington, D.C. area, where he currently works for a financial services trade association as the Communications Director.

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