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Get instant approval for instant spending with a virtual card

No waiting, no credit checks, just a simple way to start spending in-store and online right away.

Virtual Card and Pay

An online card that exists only on your phone

Works with Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay

No need to wait for a physical card

Use it for in-store and online shopping

Virtual Card Benefits

Why get a virtual KOHO card?

Guaranteed approval: open a KOHO account and get your virtual card right away with no credit checks, and no need to wait for a physical card

Spend & save instantly: shop with your card in-store and online and earn up to 6% cash back on your spending

No wallet, no problem: easily add your card to your virtual wallet for easy tapping at the checkout

Manage your subscriptions: transfer your subscription and any recurring payments to your KOHO account straight away using your virtual card number

Stay safe & secure: Instantly lock and unlock your virtual card through the app and have peace of mind with top security protection

What is a virtual card handy for?


Having your virtual card on your phone is the most secure way to keep your money safe while abroad.

Online Shopping

No need to scramble for your wallet when shopping online — access your card details easily in the app.

Keeping it Simple

Reduce your plastic waste and streamline how you manage your money.

In-a-pickle moments

Forgot your wallet? No worries. Adding your card to Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay will keep you covered.

How to get started


Find a KOHO Plan that’s the perfect fit for you

Virtual Card Instructions Step 1

Add money to your shiny new account

Virtual Card Instructions Step 2

Head to the cards section in the app to access your virtual card

Virtual Card Instructions Step 3

Add it to your virtual wallet to start spending and earning cash back in-store and online

Virtual Card Instructions Step 4


A virtual card is an online card that lives only on your phone. You can access the details through the cards section on the app, or you can add it to the virtual wallet on your phone, like Apple, Samsung, or Google pay. You can start using it once you sign up for KOHO and add money to your account.

KOHO works with only a virtual card, but if you decide to get a physical one too, you won’t need to wait for it to arrive in the mail to start spending.

You can use your virtual card anywhere Mastercard is accepted online, or when you add it to your Google, Apple, or Samsung Pay you can tap it in person anywhere that accepts contactless payments. The only thing you can’t do with your virtual card is withdraw money from an ATM (or hold it in your hand!), you’ll need to order a physical card through the cards section on the app if you want to do this.

It’s super simple — in the cards section on the KOHO app, under your virtual card, you’ll see a button to add it to your wallet. You’ll then be redirected to Google, Apple, or Samsung Pay where you’ll follow a few short steps to get it set up and ready for spending.

You can find more information on how to set it up on each device here.

You sure can. When you sign up for a KOHO account will automatically be issued with a virtual card and be given the option to order a physical one too. Both cards will draw from the same balance but they each have their own unique card number. You’ll see both card details in the cards section of the app.

Making sure your money and information is secure is our top priority. Your account is protected by Face ID, device biometrics, password, or passcode so your card details will be kept safe from prying eyes. You can also lock and unlock your card easily in the app if you think your details have gotten into the wrong hands.

If you opt to get a physical card, this will have a separate card number to your virtual card, adding an extra layer of security. If in the unlikely event one gets compromised and you lock it in the app, you can continue using the other card in the meantime.

You can learn more about KOHO’s security here.

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To get an instant approval credit card, you'll typically need to complete an online application. The card issuer will then review your information, and usually gives an immediate decision.

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