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4 Reasons you should use a virtual card when online shopping

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Nicole Dickens

With a virtual card — like a KOHO virtual prepaid Visa — you can online shop without having to budge from the couch. Plus, when you set up a virtual KOHO prepaid card, you can still build your savings by taking advantage of all the great cash back benefits your account offers.

And this is especially important: Your virtual KOHO card can help keep your identity safe while you shop online.

Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about your KOHO virtual card and why it’s your best choice for online shopping.

What is a virtual card?

Let’s get some things straight before we get too far ahead of ourselves here: What even is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a digital version of the plastic or metal card that you have in your wallet. With your KOHO account, you get complimentary access to a virtual KOHO prepaid visa card that you can use to pay for online shopping, food delivery apps, ridesharing apps, and even in-store purchases at some retailers.

You can set up your virtual card by linking your KOHO prepaid Visa to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay in just a few seconds. You can also view your virtual card in the KOHO app by clicking on the credit card image in the top right hand corner of your screen.

"Your virtual KOHO card can help keep your identity safe while you shop online."

The benefits of a KOHO virtual prepaid Visa card for online shopping

Virtual cards sound cool, but why would you choose to use one for online shopping when you could just get up off the couch and grab your wallet instead? Here are four great reasons why you should use your virtual KOHO Visa card while online shopping.

1. Improved security & reduced risk of identity theft

Perhaps the most important benefit of the virtual card online shopping experience is the fact that using this type of digital payment method actually does a lot to protect your identity. When you use a credit card for online shopping, you’re literally giving a website everything they need to steal your information and make unauthorized purchases with your money.

Of course, if you’re shopping with a trusted retailer or on a website that uses a secure payment processing service, it’s unlikely that your favourite clothing company is going to steal your identity. Websites do get hacked though, which potentially exposes your credit card information to all sorts of not-so-nice people.

How exactly does a virtual card prevent all of this? It’s actually an interesting process.

When you link your KOHO prepaid Visa to Apple or Samsung Pay and use these apps to shop online, they generate a virtual card number. Thanks to this virtual card number, merchants and payment processing platforms don't have access to your real account information.

This makes it really difficult, if not impossible, for people to make unauthorized purchases on your dime. When you shop with your KOHO virtual card, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best protection possible from fraudsters.

2. Quick and easy online payments

These days, most of us have our phones on hand wherever we go. If we’re just lounging around the house, though, we probably don’t have our credit card on hand to make purchases online.

With your virtual KOHO prepaid Visa, you can make online purchases in seconds using your phone.

If you use Apple Pay, you can quickly use your virtual card to pay for your online shopping by linking your iPhone and your Macbook together and confirming with your Touch ID or Face ID. Alternatively, you can use either Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to make online purchases in-app and on your phone’s web browser without having to reach for your wallet. And if you’d prefer to punch in a number, that’s fine, too! Your virtual card is easily accessible on your phone, so no need to reach for that wallet.

"Thanks to this virtual card number, merchants and payment processing platforms don't have access to your real account information."

3. Cash back on every purchase

With your KOHO account you get cash back on every purchase made with your card and even more money in your pocket when you opt for KOHO Premium (If you're curious about Premium, we previously wrote about whether Premium is worth it for you!). If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to earn cash back when you use your virtual card, then we’re here to alleviate all your worries.

Even when you take your KOHO card into the virtual world, you’ll still be able to rack up cash back, just like you do when you swipe your snazzy metal card. You also get the benefits of  PowerUps and RoundUps when you use a virtual card.

4. Start shopping before your card arrives in the mail

If you’ve just opened a KOHO prepaid Visa account, welcome to the family, and we’re glad to have you along! If you’re bummed that you have to wait a few days for your new card to arrive in the mail, then you’ll be happy to know that you can actually start shopping right away by using your KOHO virtual card.

As soon as your account is activated, you can transfer funds and start shopping online with your virtual card even if your physical card is still en route to your home. That way, you can maximize your cash back and work towards becoming a money-saving guru on your very next purchase.

Go virtual with your KOHO prepaid Visa card

With all their great security and privacy benefits, virtual cards are the way of the future. Plus, with your virtual KOHO card, you can still earn cash back on every purchase and take control of your finances.

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