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Curated by KOHO: The zen you deserve right now

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Nicole Dickens

For those who need something to occupy their mind and ears, we thought we could help. So, we’ve strung together some of our favourite content to fill your downtime, maybe clear out some of the stress in your life, and restore a bit more balance to it.

For the ears:

We’ve curated two playlists as you work from home or take a moment for some me-time. Because let’s face it, whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or a social butterfly, sometimes solo-ing isn’t the easiest. Whether you’re drowning out your roommates in the background or just want to take a moment for yourself, we get it. We’ve put together a zen playlist to ease stress and a dance-inducing one to boost your mood too.

For the mind:

Maybe you’ve been meaning to build a budget? We have a pretty handy, ultimate budget template you can find at the bottom of this article. Use it when you need a distraction or maybe just feel like getting more organized. Or, if you’d rather spend your spare time prepping for the things you can control, here’s a bit on building an emergency fund.

Happy listening and learning, from KOHO.

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