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The ultimate budget template

Our guiding question for this series has been: “If everyone needs a budget, why is it so hard to find a good one?” After scouring the internet for a great budget, we created our own template that’s easy to fill out and gives you a bird’s-eye view of your finances.

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But before you dig in, we want you to know that the purpose of a budget isn’t to make you feel guilty about the way you spend your money. If you want to keep buying jojoba beard oil, go right ahead! A budget’s job is to help you organize your finances so that you can stop having nightmares about neverending credit card statements and start achieving your exciting life goals.

We know that sticking to your budget can be tough.

A budget is really only as good as the spending habits behind it. Often you need to rewire your brain with totally new habits and associations to make your budget come to life. For example – maybe lunch hour used to mean a splurge at the Whole Foods Hot Bar and a chance to do some online shopping at your desk. Instead, you can train your brain into associating lunchtime with a refreshing walk in the park and eating a delicious spread that you made yourself. But don’t forget that it’s all about balance and doing what works for you personally.

Why not make it easier on yourself?

Tracking every penny in an excel spreadsheet is time-consuming and as stale as your uncle Andy’s inappropriate jokes. Why not preload your budget into a separate account (friendly reminder that KOHO is a free option!) and track your spending in real time?

Plus, we’re here to help.

Have questions on how to use the budget template? How KOHO can help you stick to your budget? Why pizza tastes better cold? We can answer most of those questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out via email or our in-app chat. We’d love to hear from you!

Tips For Sticking to Your Budget:

Be realistic. Start with small changes and keep your eye on the eventual prize.
Build a game plan. (You won't miraculously eat-out less if you never grocery shop!)
Give yourself a 20% "spontaneity" or "nobody's perfect" buffer.
Timing bill payments is stressful! Keep a reasonable cash cushion in your chequing account.
Save up for travel or other big expenses ahead of time (this is where KOHO Goals come in handy).
Don't forget to reflect on your progress. Even baby steps deserve a fist bump!

This list also lives within the “To-Do List” tab of our Budget Template

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