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“KOHO is killing it! I am a huge supporter of the reduced foreign transaction fees, easy loading interface, and the wonderful client care they provide. The convenience of using cash on hand to get cash back is the most incredible disruption ever. The big guys better watch out or they’ll never see this shark coming.”


“Can confirm, it’s good stuff. In my experience, the customer service is absolutely outstanding as well. Not to mention that the app lets you set aside money at regular intervals to put towards your goals, which I used to save up an emergency fund (remarkably useful for me as a student.)”


“Absolutely love the real time updates. I love that everything is so simple. Totally recommend.”


“Serious shout out to @getkoho. The amount of cash back I’ve got since I started using this card is more than I’ve received from my other credit card, because that amount is zero.”


“KOHO makes life a little bit easier.”


“Overall, KOHO is hands down the best budgeting app and fintech innovation I’ve seen recently, and it’s now a staple financial tool for my own money management strategies.”


“I keep saying how much I love my KOHO card. I am impressed so much by how well it works with the app, how responsive the team is and how fast and easy it is to load money. Thank you for what you do.”


“The best not bank, bank. Quick customer responses. Intuitive design, fantastic customer service. Streamlines the process of using your money how you want.”


“KOHO has a great system, beautiful user interface, and business acumen that for sure will develop to be a big competitor. They have wonderful staff and are making more and more improvements—don’t miss out on this.”


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