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KOHO works with Equifax, one of the major credit reporting bureaus in Canada. A credit bureau like Equifax basically collects information from creditors on things like your credit history, or your track record of paying off bills, to paint a well-rounded picture of your financial past.
It’s good to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have just one credit score. Many score providers use different models to work out your score and lenders may not report your data to all credit bureaus, which can cause your score to vary.
Nope, you can check your score as many times as you like as we carry out a soft check, as opposed to a hard check. A soft check is usually carried out for things like loan pre-approvals, or employer credit-checks and won’t affect your overall score, regardless of how many you do it. A hard check usually only happens when you make an application for something like a loan or property rental. These can only be performed with your permission and may also affect your credit score.
We get that finances and credit scores can be stressful enough as they are without the worry of hidden fees, so with KOHO you’ll never need to worry about them. Checking your credit score is always completely free!
It’s KOHO’s affordable, interest-free way to build or rebuild credit history in Canada. You can either use your own money or a line of credit from us to do it. Head to your KOHO app and click Credit > Register to get going.


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