KOHO Metal x
Gilded Cotton Candy

You spoke, we listened. Out of the 4 KOHO card colours that folks can choose from, our pink and gold card – affectionately known as Gilded Cotton Candy – is the most popular. In honour of this, we decided to give your favourite card the true golden touch it deserves.


Our limited edition Metal Card will be priced at a one time fee of $159 to reflect the average Canadians pay in bank fees per year.

So, rather than paying those pesky fees this year, it’s okay to be a little extra and get yourself a Metal Card.

Or, get the card for $50 with 2 referrals to KOHO (past and future referrals count).

In the coming weeks, the Metal Card will be available for purchase in-app.

Price without 2 referrals


one time fee

Price with 2 referrals


one time fee

Why Metal Cards?

Typically, other Metal Cards in Canada have come with hefty annual fees and minimum spends. We wanted to change that.

We believe millionaire is a state of mind and everyone deserves to feel good about their finances. Everyday. Now with our Metal Card, you can.

Financial balance looks different for everyone. Does that mean owning a Metal Card? That's up to you and your wallet.

This card is a limited edition. Don't miss out on getting one!

Still have questions? Read our FAQ

The top 159 people will get one for free. If you have 2 past referrals you will be eligible to purchase the Metal Card for $50. Additionally, if you purchase the Metal Card for $159, you will have 60 days to complete your 2 referrals and get a $109 reimbursement.

In coming weeks, you’ll be able to purchase it in your KOHO app. Head to the App Store to download our app and sign up.

Amazing! You’ll have early access to the card. We’ll reach out to you by email and get a Metal Card in your wallet ASAP.

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